K9 Perfection— Best Dog Training in Newcastle: Our dog Willow came to us with a high energy level and a biting problem she had developed from a young age. Our experience with her was upsetting and frustrating, and brought me to tears at my worst point. We were even considering giving her away. Peter from K9 Perfection took me through the Behaviour Modification course at my home, and showed me how to read my dog and properly communicate with her. Now we have a really beautiful pet who we love and fits in perfectly with our family. — Christie Martinelli, Wallsend.

Peter Belic – Dog Training Guru: We welcomed our dog Kodi into our busy family lifestyle at the age of 4 months. Within a few months I realised that she was not developing a desirable and balanced disposition. Generally she was not an aggressive dog but she was not calm or balanced either. Kodi had many typical behavioural problems like jumping up on people, soft biting, racing around chaotically, barking at the neighbours, pulling on the lead during walks, running off with whatever was lying around, and generally ignoring instructions and commands. Some people would excuse her behaviour suggesting it was simply puppy excitement that she would eventually grow out of it, but I could sense it was more than that and that I quickly needed to do something.


I knew I needed to understand and manage her behaviour but I lacked the knowledge, skill, and time to do anything meaningful about it. Like most people, I questioned whether her relationship with my family and friends was ever going to work and I desperately wanted my young kids to grow up with the pleasure of having a well adjusted and lovable dog in their life.


After spending some time at non-breed specific training I managed to get what I thought was some basic control over her. However I knew that it was not enough. At the time I had no particular strategy or understanding of how to teach her a new higher behavioural standard and at the rate I was going with her training we were unlikely to ever get to that point where her behaviour was considered acceptable, let alone admirable around other people and dogs. I desperately needed to understand her, and specifically her breed, better.


Peter Belic’s training methods and philosophy taught me that above all my dog needed me to be a leader who was calm, clear and consistent about my expectation in relation to behaviour. My leadership was the key to reshaping her behaviour.  During our many training sessions Peter has taken a significant amount of his own time and passion to teach me that leadership, consistency, and a strategy are some of the compulsory ingredients when you are responsible for a dog and its behaviour, particularly a German Shepherd Dog.


Peter has a unique ability to deconstruct his methods into digestible steps that can be progressively mastered by even the most inexperienced dog handlers. He sets about carefully and patiently educating people, some of whom are clearly at the end of their proverbial tethers.


Peter has an unquestionable devotion to achieving results for both the dog and the handler that inevitably make you proud to be the owner of your dog. Like any learning experience, obedience training with my Kodi has not been without challenges and setbacks. Thankfully Peter has recognised those times when I was unable to achieve progressive improvement. Without request he has taken the time to help me to introduce alternate strategies and approaches specifically tailored to me and my dog. I now work with her drive and energy rather than against it to get the behaviour I expect from her.


I have to say that Kodi has come a long way and developed into a much more settled and responsive dog around the home.  I personally still have a lot to achieve with her, but without Peter’s help Kodi and I would never have developed as a dog and as a dog handler. Peter has energy, enthusiasm, and an unmistakable sense of humour that is infectious in a training environment. Peter’s approach to teaching his self developed method makes the learning process interesting and enjoyable. I would therefore highly recommend that anyone needing help with their dog’s development or behaviour seek the professional services that Peter offers. I have always loved dogs, but now even more so, mainly because I believe that I have a better understanding of their needs and my role in their development towards a balanced and fulfilling life. I am truly grateful that I met Peter and his supportive and friendly family. Thank you Peter, it’s been a privilege to learn from your experiences.


Tony Chomicki, Bolton Point