Welcome to K9 Perfection. Newcastle’s most forward thinking dog training and education centre bringing lifestyle changes for you and your dog.

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Mission Statement:

All dogs deserve the right to view the world without concern or confusion. Thus it is necessary that all dogs receive clear and concise training at all stages of their life.

Our Training Philosophy:

1. Over thirty years experience has taught me that dogs have the capacity to communicate with ourselves and each other at an awe inspiring level. Our training methods are designed to allow you to develop this high communication level with your dog.

2. Our methods are based on behaviour marking. This means we use many forms of reinforces and the dog develops a confident and positive outlook on their world.

3. To remove the unnecessary ‘mystique’ that has developed in the dog training industry. Our methods are designed so you can understand their foundation and practice.

4. Our methods are designed so that training is never ‘work’ or a chore for you or your dog. Training is a pleasurable experience that you can undertake for the life of your dog.

5. Our methods involve NO DRUGS! We also strongly believe that euthanasia on the basis of animal behaviour is a travesty that is not necessary.