In home

About the program:

Extreme aggressive behaviour is a specialised field of dog training, and it is pivotal to the health and safety of you, your family and your dog that someone with the necessary requisite skills and experience leads this transformation.

Signs of aggressive behaviour in your dog include:

  • Dogs being unable to be walked without lunging out at other dogs and people
  • Dogs that show fear and show this with aggressive behaviour
  • Dogs that can’t be approached without showing signs of aggression.

Often dogs like this are handed into dog rescue organisations before they have the opportunity for the problem to be solved by a professional dog trainer.

K9 Perfection’s Peter Belic hosts this program in home, and brings 30 years of aggression modification training to the fore.

Price: – $350 for  three one-hour lessons (Payment to be made in full on first visit or via Electronic Fund Transfer. Conditions apply.)