Citizenship Course

In home and your local community

About the program:

This course is a basic behaviour course to ensure your dog is able to function comfortably in the general community. You will be taught how to use markers to reinforce behaviour and your dog will be tested and trained in a variety of every-day circumstances.


  • Appropriate behaviour at the vets, groomers etc.
  • Acceptance of everyday normal experience (walking in crowds, past dogs etc.)
  • Reacting appropriately in public.
  • Reacting appropriately to unexpected distractions.
  • Walking on a loose lead without pulling.
  • Maintaining stays, sits and downs when asked.
  • Behaving appropriately when being held by a non-familiar person
  • Reliably coming when called.

Price: Р$350 for  three one-hour lessons (Payment to be made in full on first visit or via Electronic Fund Transfer. Conditions apply.)